06/10 Friday: Rep. Gene Reynolds, Rosie Schaap remembers Ali, Tom Aswell on Bobby Jindal


Gene Reynolds

Representative Gene Reynolds talks about the consecutive sessions since February 14. Reynolds describes the process of getting a bill passed and the differences in this process between Gov. John Bel Edwards and former Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Rosie Schaap

Rosie Schaap, a columnist for the New York Times, shares her story of meeting Muhammad Ali while Ali was shooting the cover for Sport Magazine in 1976.

Flashback Friday

Hear Rosie Schaap's father, Dick Schaap, reminisce on some of his favorite moments with the champ.


Tom Aswell

Publisher of the blog, Louisiana Voice and author of Bobby Jindal: His Destiny and Obsession, Tom Aswell joins Jim to discuss numerous topics ranging from Bobby Jindal's career to Muhammad Ali's sense of humor.