05/6 Friday: Flashback Friday: David Bondy on John Gourrier, Ed Folsom on Walt Whitman, Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman


David Bondy

We look back at the life of the singer from Baton Rouge, John Fred Gourrier.  Joining Jim to discuss the life of the artist is David Bondy from LUBA Workers' Comp.  David and Gourrier's wife Sandra describe what it was like to know John some years ago.

Ed Folsom

Walt Whitman’s journalistic series, “Manly Health and Training,” were lost for more than 150 years, buried in an obscure newspaper that survived only in a handful of libraries. The series was uncovered last summer by a graduate student.  Ed Folsom teaches at the University of Iowa and talks to Jim about the recovered series that is now available to the public.


Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman

Political consultants Scott Wilfong and Dayne Sherman join Jim to discuss their views of the opposite sides of the presidential election.  Wilfong, long time Trump supporter, explains why he thinks Donald Trump will become commander and chief.  Sherman opposes Wilfong, favoring Hillary Clinton over Trump.