05/3 Tuesday: Singer Toni Tennille, George Morris, Clay Higgins, Maria Toorpakai


Toni Tennille

Singer Toni Tennille talks about moving back to the south after living in the west for 50 years.  Toni explains what it was like being married to The Captain and now life after being divorced.  Toni Tennille: A Memoir is the tale of Tennille's life from her childhood in the segregated South to her thrilling rise to fame in the world of pop music to where she is now: no longer one-half of a famed couple, but a stronger woman for all she has experienced—both the good and the bad.

George Morris

George Morris of The Advocate has a blog about WWII. The blog reflects on history's greatest conflict. Morris tells Jim about the stories of soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and civilians, people he has met as a reporter for Louisiana's largest daily newspaper, The Advocate. 


Clay Higgins

After resigning from his position, Former Captain Higgins has released a new video.  Higgins joins Jim on the show to address rumors of running for a office in Louisiana politics.

Maria Toorpakai

Maria Toorpakai grew up in Waziristan, controlled by the Taliban,  and it is still considered one of the most dangerous places on earth.  It is a place where women don't have the right to leave their home unaccompanied. It's no place for a young girl to play outside.  Maria tells the story of how she disguised herself as a boy to hide from the Taliban so she could play squash.  Her book, "A Different Kind of Daughter", released today May 3.