05/19 Thursday: Update from the Capitol, Jack Cashill on EgyptAir Crash, Footography, A Bathroom of One's Own, Venessa Lewis and Michael Wolf on Stripper Amendment.


Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard of The Advocate joins Jim to talk about the remarks made on Wednesday by Representative Kenny Havard about the weight and age limit of strippers in Louisiana. He also mentions the equal pay and medical marijuana bill.

Jack Cashill

Jack Cashill  is an independent writer, producer and the Executive Editor of Ingram’s Magazine. His upcoming book, TWA 800: The Cover-Up & Conspiracy gives way for Cashill and Jim to talk about the EgyptAir crash that occurred on Wednesday.

Lauren Jenifer Gates

The former playmate talks to Jim about her book, Footography and tells the story of how she sang Happy Birthday to Hugh Heffner.


Peter Schuck

Professor Schuck talks to Jim about the transgender bathroom mandate and the importance of the issue.  Schuck's article, "A Bathroom of One's Own," appeared in the New York Times May 18, 2016.

Venessa Lewis

The Louisiana Mermaid has started an online petition about the 'joke' amendment created by Jackson Rep. Kenny Havard.  Lewis talks about trafficking in Baton Rouge and wants Havard to apologize.

Michael Wolf

Attorney Michael Wolf takes an opposing view of guest Venessa Lewis on the remarks made by Rep. Havard about strippers.  Wolf expresses his reasons for feeling that the comments were blown out of proportion.