05/16 Monday: Mike Marshall on Pitching, Coffee Call's 40th Anniversary, Former Lt. Gov. Bobby Freeman dies, Inspector General Stephen Street, Five Sex Languages


Mike Marshall

Dr. Mike Marshall explains the correct and most helpful way to pitch.  He discusses how Kinesiology changed the way he pitched and gives insight to how the correct form will help avoid injury. 

John Cannatella

Wednesday, May 18 marks the 40th anniversary of Baton Rouge's, Coffee Call.  Owner John Cannatella joins Jim in studio to discuss the history of the family business and promotions in honor of the anniversary on Wednesday.

Lester Duhe

Former Lt. Gov. Bobby Freeman's friend and former press secretary Lester Duhe remembers Freeman on the day he died.


Stephen Street

Inspector General Stephen Street defends his office against the proposed budget cuts that temporarily removed funding from his office. 

Douglass Weiss



Licensed Psychologist and Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Dr. Douglass Weiss, joins Jim to discuss the five sex languages.  The Five Sex Languages book is unique, not only to increase sexual pleasure but to increase understanding your partner sexually.