04/08 Friday: Frank Mullen, Susanne Duplantis, Albert White, John Wirt, Flashback Friday Gary Carter, Vereta Lee

Hour 1: 

Frank Mullen

Huey Long joins us from back in time with the help of impersonator Frank Mullen.  Mullen impersonates historical figures and has been doing so since 1998.  He compares qualities of Huey Long with that of the current presidential candidates.

Susanne Duplantis ; "Just Eat It"


Duplantis talks with Jim about using left-over food and incorporating it into new dishes to reduce the wasting of food.  Her event is called, "Just Eat It."

Albert White; District 29

White discusses his platforms and what he would do if elected as State Representative of District 29.

John Wirt

Wirt joins Jim to talk about the entertainment and festivals currently happening in Baton Rouge. 

Flashback; Gary Carter

For flashback Friday we hear an interview with Jim and the late, world famous catcher, Gary Carter in 1982. Carter died from brain cancer in 2012.

Vereta Lee

Another candidate for District 29, Vereta feels very passionate about funding public education.  Vereta wants to change TOPS but feels that those who have earned the grades for it should receive it no matter their income.