04/15 Friday: Kelsey Grammer, Randy Hayden, Nancy Finley, Lamar White, Jr., Flashback Friday, Quest of Souls


Kelsey Grammer

American actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, director, writer, singer and activist Kelsey Grammer, is on the show to discuss his movie that will debut in the International Film Festival, "Breaking the Bank." Grammer talks about his personal life, his career, his childhood and how he became so successful.

Randy Hayden

Randy Hayden is in favor of the non-smoking ordinance in Baton Rouge.  The political consultant comes on the show with Jim to shine light on the pros and cons of making Baton Rouge a non-smoking city. 

Nancy Finley

Nancy Finley, talks about growing up under her "uncle" Charley Finley while the formation of Oakland Athletics began to emerge and take shape.  Finley gives Jim the inside scoop on the team and the men in her family who created it. 


Lamar White, Jr.

Investigative journalist and blogger, White, comes on the show to discuss the phishing scam with the Lt. Governor, new stories developing on his blog, and his new venture Imagine Louisiana Communications.  This is a company he founded in order to provide research and communication services to candidates, legislators, elected officials, government agencies, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and grassroots activists.

Flashback Friday

We hear a broadcast from Louisiana Radio Network on August 24, 1987 at the opening of the Louisiana State Archives building.

Cody Louviere

Cody Louviere comes from King Crow Studios to talk about the video gaming industry and the new video game, Quest of Souls.  The game he has created has been targeting at audiences ages 18-42.  Hear about some of the characters and who inspired them.