03/2 Wednesday: BR Business Report's Stephanie Riegel, Roger Stone: Jeb and the Bush Crime Family, Nathan Landry, Sec. of State Tom Schedler, LASM, Douglas Kennedy


Stephanie Riegel

Editor for the Baton Rouge Business Report, Stephanie talks about the need for establishment of a health district in Baton Rouge and lack of politician action to get something done about it.

Roger Stone 

Roger Stone talks about Donald Trump and the people of America's desire for something other than a traditional politician.  Stone also talks about the Bush family and ties with Barry Seal,  his book Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.


Sec. of State Tom Schedler

The Secretary of state gives information on who can vote in the upcoming Louisiana primaries.  It is a closed primary, and you may only vote for your party.  

Nathan Landry

The Chair for Young Professionals and Students for Trump for Louisiana.  He gives his reasons for supporting Trump and why he feels Trump will win the presidential election.

Douglas Kennedy, PR manager at the LASM

Douglas introduces the new addition to the Solar System Gallery at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum--a 65-million-year-old, 1,500-pound Triceratops skull named Jason. This colossal fossil was discovered in 2011 on a private ranch in the Hell Creek Formation located in Garfield County, Montana, an area well known for its fossil findings.

Measuring 86 inches long, this massive skull exhibits the three horns and bony head frill that characterize the dinosaur species known as Triceratops, or “three-horned face.