02/24 Wednesday: Carolyn Neyland, Linda Chavez, PETA's Dan Mathews, Caroline Fayard, Gus Weill


Carolyn Neyland

The daughter of Anne & Ed Price.  Carolyn describes the relationship between her father, Ed Price, and the late Harper Lee when they were at the University of Alabama together.  

Linda Chavez

Linda Chavez is an American author, commentator and radio talk show host.  Chavez was the highest-ranking woman in President Ronald Reagan's White House, and was the first Latina ever nominated to the United States Cabinet.  Linda talks to Jim about immigration policies in the country.

PETA Senior Vice President of Media Campaigns, Dan Mathews

Dan Mathews suggests the cutoff of serving meat in Louisiana prisons, will save the state money.  He feels that it will improve the state budget and the health of the prisoners.  He has not gotten a response yet from Gov. John Bel Edwards


Caroline Fayard

Running for U.S. Senate, Caroline Fayard talks to Jim about how she ended up practicing law in New Orleans.  Fayard discusses her opinions on Donald Trump, foreign policies and what it's like being a Democrat in Louisiana running for Senate.

Gus Weill

Political Analyst, Gus Weill talks to Jim about his perception on the upcoming election regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and who he thinks will win the people's vote.