2/22 Monday: Darrell Glasper, Kate Hamer: The Girl in the Red Coat, Melissa Flournoy, Jerome "Dee"Richard


Former City Councilman Darrell Glasper

Former Baton Rouge Metro councilman Darrell Glasper talks to Jim about supporting Donald Trump.  Trump made an appearance at the Baton Rouge River Center earlier this month.  Glasper gives his opinions on what it's like being an African American supporting Donald Trump and his reasoning behind it.

Kate Hamer: The Girl in the Red Coat

Author Kate Hamer talks to Jim about her first novel, The Girl in the Red Coat.  Her characters Carmel and her mother, Beth, both embark on journeys of their own when Carmel goes missing.  Hamer describes the book as relatable, especially to mothers and daughters.


Melissa Flournoy & Representative Dee Richard

Independent Representative Dee Richard of Thibodaux (left) and Melissa Flournoy (right) both discuss the status of the state of Louisiana and legislature.  Richard and Flournoy give their opinions on budget cuts, future taxes and who they plan on voting for in the upcoming presidential election.