02/12 Friday: Gov. John Bel Edwards, Councilman John Delgado, Former Councilman Darrell Glasper, The Marriage Test, Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd & Eddie Robinson; Guests Ara & Julie Rubyan


Gov. John Bel Edwards

Governor John Bel Edwards discusses the status of the state and its budget deficit.  He also talks about programs like TOPs and LSU athletics,  and the potential cuts they are facing.

Jill Andres & Brook Silva-Braga: The Marriage Test

Jill Andres and Brook Silva-Braga After four years together (and one year apart, the couple faced a common question: How does a couple know if they should marry? They decided to build a 40-activity obstacle course to simulate wedlock and to help them make the big decision. “The Marriage Test” is the story of how that went.

Ara and Julie Rubyan

The couple talks about meeting on eHarmony and getting through the obstacles of online dating, eventually getting married, and staying so for 12 years.


Friday Flashback : Ernie "Big Cat" Ladd and Coach Eddie Robinson

Ernie Ladd, a massive defensive tackle turned wrestler who was the only man elected to the American Football League Hall of Fame and the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame. Hear the "Big Cat" talk about his former Coach Eddie Robinson who would have been 97 on Saturday.


Councilman John Delgado

Councilman John Delgado joins us next to talk about his run for mayor, potential budget cuts and Baton Rouge becoming the next smoke-free city.