02/10 Wednesday: The First Congress, One Nation Under Gods, The Presidential Primaries

Hour 1: 

Fergus Bordewich

Author Fergus Bordewich joins Jim to discuss his latest book, The First Congress

"The little known story of perhaps the most productive Congress in US history, the First Federal Congress of 1789–1791. The First Congress was the most important in US history, says prizewinning author and historian Fergus Bordewich, because it established how our government would actually function. Had it failed—as many at the time feared it would—it’s possible that the United States as we know it would not exist today."- Amazon

Peter Manseau 

Author Peter Manseau joins the conversation to talk about his book, One Nation Under Gods.

"At the heart of the nation's spiritual history are audacious and often violent scenes. But the Puritans and the shining city on the hill give us just one way to understand the United States. Rather than recite American history from a Christian vantage point, Peter Manseau proves that what really happened is worth a close, fresh look. "- Amazon

Hour 2:

Quin Hillyer

Quin Hillyer is a Contributing Editor of National Review magazine, a Senior Editor for The American Spectator magazine, and a nationally recognized authority on the American political process.  He joins Jim to discuss Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and their primary wins in New Hampshire. 

Vincent Bruno

Former New Orleans police officer Vincent Bruno joins us again to finish up yesterday's conversation about the 1979 police strike, which shut down Mardi Gras in New Orleans.