11/25 Friday: Jeff Palermo, Hollywood South, Cody Worsham, David Bellinger & Vincent Bruno


Jeff Palermo

News and sports director at the Louisiana Radio Network, Palermo joins the show to discuss Jimbo Fisher's decline to be the head coach of LSU football.

Linda Thurman

Linda Thurman talks about her book, Hollywood South.  The book is acquainted with the conspiracy to manipulate and control the Louisiana film industry (which resulted in several arrests). Thurman sheds light on the convoluted relationship between politics and entertainment in both Hollywood and Louisiana.

Cody Worsham

The Tiger Rag editor joins the show to talk about LSU's newest football coach.  Worsham points out that LSU is down to Tom Herman and Coach O but the possibility of Jimbo Fisher is still there.


David Bellinger & Vincent Bruno

Republican Vincent Bruno and Democrat David Bellinger join the show to talk about Donald Trump and the events that led to him winning the electoral college vote instead of the popular vote.