11/23 Wednesday: Sheriff Gautreaux, The Bridge Center, The Man Who Knew, Kevin Cope, Eugene Daniel


Sid Gautreaux & Rob Reardon


Reardon is the first executive director of The Bridge Center, a nonprofit created by BRAF to take better care of people with mental illness and substance abuse problems. Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and Reardon talk about The Bridge Center and describe a tax proposal on the ballot December 10 that will fund the program.

Sebastian Mallaby

Mallaby is a Washington Post contributing columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.  Mallaby's book, The Man Who Knew describes the life of former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan.


Kevin Cope

Professor Cope discusses students and college campuses reaction to Donald Trump becoming the President-elect.

Eugene Daniel

Daniel talks about his time playing football at LSU under Jerry Stovall. Daniel talks about Nick Saban's coaching methods and how he never thought he would play in the National Football League.