11/17 Thursday: Randy Hayden, John Schneider, Dianne Andrews, Lamar White

Hour One

Randy Hayden

Randy Hayden is president and CEO of Creative Communications Inc. and works in public relations. He stopped by the show as a spokesperson for Smoke-free East Baton Rouge to advocate for a smoke free environment in Baton Rouge.

John Schneider


Actor John Schneider will be on the show to discuss John Schneider Studios, a film studio he established in Holden, Louisiana and upcoming movies and projects he has involved in. Schneider is mostly known for playing Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. He can also be seen perviously acting in the TV series Smallville as Johnathan Kent and The Have and Have Nots created by Tyler Perry.

Hour Two

Dianne Andrews and Lamar White

Trump supporter Dianne Andrews and Hillary Clinton supporter Lamar White, joined Jim in studio to discuss the two candidates. Andrews is the host of a cable show titled, "Dianne Andrews in Black and White" and Lamar White is a blogger, journalist and disability rights activist from Alexandria, LA.