11/15 Tuesday: Robert K.Wilcox, Gene Mills, Manuel Martinez

Hour One

Robert K. Wilcox

Robert K. Wilcox is an award-winning writer and author of many books and novels. In addition to books he has written for film & television, The New York Times, editor at Miami News and many other publications.

Gene Mills


Gene Mills is President of the Louisiana Family Forum and joined the show to discuss Trump and his victory over Hillary for president. Gene Mills is also an ordained minister and motivational speaker. 

Hour Two

Manuel Martinez

Martinez is a notable stylist in Baton Rouge and the owner of Martinez Custom Clothier. Martinez started his career back in 1984 and has achieved great success since then. In 2003 Martinez Custom Clothier was named one of the top custom clothiers in the US. He is responsible for making the suits of Nick Saban and other notable clients.