11/11 Friday: The Price of Valor, Small Victories, Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman


David Smith

Dr. David A. Smith is a senior lecturer in American history at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  He joins the show to discuss the book, The Price of Valor on Veteran's Day.  The book describes the bravery of a young, 19-year-old Audie Murphy in World War II who became a movie star.

Julia Turshen

Writer and the author of Small Victories.  Turshen explains her cookbooks name as something to feel proud about, with a healthier selection of ingredients. She joins the show to share some of her favorite recipes.


Scott Wilfong & Dayne Sherman

Dayne Sherman and Scott Wilfong had opposing opinions on the outcome of the presidential election.  Wilfong is a strong supporter of Trump and Sherman predicted Clinton had the election in the bag.  They acknowledge the outcome of the election and look forward on what is to come.