10/07 Friday: Sports in the South, Darryl Gissel, Dr. Jan Kasofsky & John Nosacka


Robert Munson

Executive director of sports operations for SSG Sports, Munson talks with Stephanie about LSU and Florida's now cancelled game.  He feels that Baton Rouge could have the potential to become the hub of sports businesses because of the amount of athletes that come from the south.

Darryl Gissel

Darryl Gissel is running for Mayor of Baton Rouge.  Gissel joins the show to explain that running as an independent will help people of the community to move past party affiliations and help Baton Rouge break away from the status quo.


Jan Kasofsky & Rob Nocska

Dr. Jan Kasofsky and her colleague John Nosacka join the show to give a mental health advice for those affected by the flooding in South Louisiana.  Kasofsky and Nosacka introduce a FEMA funded program for those in need of help for wellness and coping.