10/24 Monday: Letters of Note, Foster Campbell, Mary's Mosaic, Alex Martin


Shaun Usher

Shaun Usher has compiled an online museum of notable letters which to date has been visited almost 100 million times. Four years later, that website spawned a much-anticipated book called Letters of Note. 

Foster Campbell

LA Public Service Commissioner, Campbell joins the show to talk about his U.S. Senate campaign and what sets him apart from his competitors.


Peter Janney

Peter Janney traces important events and influences in the life of Mary Pinchot Meyer—including her first meeting with the president of the United States, as he turned away from the Cold War toward the pursuit of world peace. Janney focuses on Meyer’s alleged assassin and the facts or lies that depicted her death.

Alex Martin

Graduate of LSU and editor of The Wall Street Journal joins the show as a result of LSU's Daily Reveille reducing to a weekly paper.  Martin explains that papers are running out of time to transfer from print journalism and even larger papers like the Journal are also experiencing difficulties with subscriptions in the digital era.