10/19 Wednesday: Caroline Fayard, Jim Mora & David Falcouri, Being A Dog, Roy Fletcher, Branford Marsalis & Timothy Muffitt


Caroline Fayard


U.S. Senate candidate joins the show to talk about the LPB and CABL debate Tuesday night.  Fayard discusses some of the issues in the debate as well as the other participating candidates.

Jim Mora & David Falcouri


David Falcouri a strategic economist joins Jim Mora, candidate for the District 9 seat on the Metro Council of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. Falcouri and Mora discuss flooding and backwater projects that the state of Louisiana has neglected since 1983.

Alexandra Horowitz

Alexandra Horowitz teaches psychology, canine cognition, and creative nonfiction writing.  Her book, "Inside of a Dog," focuses on the science of dog cognition and perception with personal reflections on her own dog's behavior. "Being a Dog" studies dog’s worldview as has never been done before.


Roy Fletcher

Roy Fletcher, political consultant joins the show to discuss the last presidential debate, tonight, October 19.  

Branford Marsalis & Timothy Muffitt

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra & Lansing Symphony Orchestra Conductor Timothy Muffitt and Saxophonist Branford Marsalis join the show a few days before his LA Classical Tour at the River Center Theatre on Friday.  Muffitt talks about the upcoming performance and Marsalis remembers growing up in New Orleans.