10/17 Monday: Weather with Jay Grymes, John Kennedy, Pat Englade & Tonja Garafola, Bill Cassidy


Jay Grymes

Chief Meteorologist at WAFB 9 News joins guest host Clay Young to talk about the extreme weather conditions Louisiana has dealt with this summer and predicts some cooler weather conditions for the weekend.

John Kennedy

Treasurer John Kennedy, who is also running for U.S. Senate, talks with Clay Young about the presidential election, the Senate race and the issues Louisiana needs to tackle to move forward.


Pat Englade & Tonja Garafola

Chief of Police, Pat Englade and Tonja Garafola, wife of the late Officer Brad Garafola, join Clay Young at the top of the second hour.  Tonja and Pat talk about tragedies that occurred this summer in the Capitol city and describe how to resolve the issues.

Bill Cassidy

U. S. Senator Bill Cassidy discusses the aftermath of the flooding and talks about how they are handling it in Washington.