01/06 Wednesday: Money Advice, Jewish Film Festival, Same Sex Marriage, Ted Cruz and Birthplaces


Jane Bryant Quinn

Jane Bryant Quinn is a nationally known commentator on personal finance.  Quinn shares her latest book How To Make Your Money Last.  


Bill Grimley is a Baton Rouge attorney and author.  His two novels are Perception and The Benefactor.  Grimley comments on the eligibility of Ted Cruz as a presidential candidate as Cruz was born in Canada.    


Ara Rubyan

Ara Rubyan is the Director of the Louisiana Jewish Film Festival.  He promotes the Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival which is January 13-17, 2016 at the Manship Theatre.  Tickets can be obtained here


Moses Evans

Moses Evans is the Justice of the Peace of Baker, Louisiana.  He performed 19 same sex marriages since the Supreme Court decision last year.  He discusses his views with Pastor David Diamond.  

David Diamond

David Diamond is a pastor in Baton Rouge.  He debates with Justice Evans on the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage.