01/04 Monday: Remembering Politico C.B. Forgotston, Louisiana Budget Chaos, and Stock Market Drop


Elliott Stonecipher

Dayne Sherman

Elliott Stonecipher is a Louisiana pollster.  He discusses the death and legacy of C. B. Forgotston with Dayne Sherman.  Dayne Sherman is a Louisiana author, blogger, and librarian.  Forgotston died at age 70 yesterday of a self-inflicted gun shot.  

Stonecipher says Forgotston had "real courage" and that "the lesson here is all people are not replaceable."  Sherman says, "No one knew what he knew, and no one was less bothered by how politicians didn't like what he did." 


Ron Faucheux

Ron Faucheux is a lawyer, non-fiction author, and political consultant.  Faucheux is also a former Louisiana State Representative for District 100.  He comments on the chaos surrounding the Louisiana budget and discusses his recent article, Cleaning up swamp-like Louisiana budget key to Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards' success.  

Fred Dent III 

Fred Dent is in his 29th year in the financial planning and investment business.  He is a frequent speaker and commentator on financial topics.  After his return to Baton Rouge from his work at a major Wall Street firm, Fred was the resident financial analyst on CBS affiliate, WAFB-TV, with his popular and informative segment, “Dollars and Dent.”  A graduate of Louisiana State University, Fred is an active participant in several local community organizations and is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter.  He discusses the drop in the stock market today.