01/18 Monday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Former LSU Coach Skip Bertman, and Commissioner Jay Dardenne


Raymond Jetson 

Raymond Jetson is a Baton Rouge Reverend.  Raymond was elected to the Louisiana Legislature in 1984 and served until 1999. In 1994, Raymond became the fourth pastor of Star Hill.  Under his leadership the congregation has grown to more than 1,500 members and is  continually recognized for its impact on the local community.  Raymond served as CEO for the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps in the coordination of local, state and national efforts to connect people and families with the resources needed to return, recover and resume their lives after surviving disastrous situations.  Raymond served as the state Representative for District 61 in the Louisiana House of representatives for 15 years.  Pastor Jetson has served as a source for media outlets including USATODAY, The New York Times, NBC Nightly News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  

He remembers the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. today in celebration. 

Skip Bertman

Skip Bertman is a former baseball coach for LSU.  He discusses how to achieve goals in 2016 and political team building.  

Phyllis Horne

Phyllis Horne is the owner and CEO of Horne Creative in DC.  Her clients include the FBI and Indian Affairs.  The Louisiana inventor shares an idea to shelf process.  


Jay Dardenne

Jay Dardenne is the Commissioner of Administration for Louisiana.  He is the former Lieutenant Governor.  He discusses the budget.  Dardenne also comments on taxes, tuition, and tags increases. 

Nick Bruno

Dr. Nick Bruno is the President of ULM.  He explains what cuts have done to ULM and programs in the last several years.  ULM has gone from being 70% state funded to 70% tuition funded.  The state only gives 24 million dollars now.  

Richard Lipsey

Richard Lipsey is a member of the Baton Rouge Board of Regents.  He comments on the Jindal administration's cuts to higher education and the Stelly Plan.  He also gives his suggestions on how to pull Louisiana out of the fiscal crisis.