01/12 Tuesday: Governor John Bel Edwards, Nick Saban and Alabama, and Rising Crime in Baton Rouge


Mary Patricia Wray

Mary Patricia Wray is the former Director of Communications for Governor John Bel Edwards.  She is also the owner of Top Drawer Strategies.  She comments today on Governor Edwards transition and his first political disappointment as his House Speaker choice was not elected.  "He is extremely focused on work all the time... but he doesn't stop learning and growing," Wray says of Edwards. 

Michelle Southern

Michelle Southern is the Assistant News Director and a Producer at Louisiana Radio Network.  She gives her opinion on former LSU football coach Nick Saban.  "It's like when your husband leaves you for your best friend, who becomes a supermodel," Southern says. 


Hillar Moore 

Hillar Moore is the District Attorney for Baton Rouge.  He comments on rising crime in the area in and around LSU.  "The lack of education... has a lot to do with where we are," Moore says on crime.  He also asserts that "Faith based organizations do play a significant part," in crime prevention.