9/22 Tuesday: Operation Long Jump, Scott Lilienfeld, Stephen Handwerk, Ryan Cross

Hour 1:

Bill Yenne


"In the middle of World War II, Nazi military intelligence discovered a seemingly easy way to win the war for Adolf Hitler. The three heads of the Allied forces—Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin—were planning to meet in Tehran in October, 1943. Under Hitler's personal direction, the Nazis launched “Operation Long Jump,” an intricate plan to track the Allied leaders in Tehran and assassinate all three men at the same time. “I suppose it would make a pretty good haul if they could get all three of us,” Roosevelt later said. Historian Bill Yenne retells the incredible, globe-spanning story of the most ambitious assassination plot ever thwarted in Operation Long Jump."- Amazon

Author of Operation Long Jump Bill Yenne joins the conversation to discuss his newest book. 

Scott Lilienfeld

Professor of Psychology at Emory University Scott Lilienfeld chats with Jim about an article he wrote in the New York Times, "The Narcissist in Chief." Lilienfeld discusses personality traits in presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Both Scott Lilienfeld and Trump are from Queens, New York. 

Hour 2:

Stephen Handwerk

Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party Steven Handwerk discusses Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's visit to Louisiana. Handwerk believes he'll see John Bel Edwards in the runoff and says he doesn't see a difference in any of the Republican candidates.

Ryan Cross

Campaign Manager for Scott Angelle, Ryan Cross, chats about Senator David Vitter's comments comparing Angelle to President Barack Obama. Cross believes Scott Angelle and John Bel Edwards will be in the runoff.  Cross points out the differences in Angelle and Vitter.