9/10 Thursday: Tom Aswell, John Camp, Phil Oakley

Hour 1

The guest host today is Bob Courtney 


Tom Aswell

Tom Aswell

Louisiana Voice Blogger Tom Aswell discusses his new book about Governor Bobby Jindal, which will be released in February. He's written books in the past, one recently about rock and roll. 

Aswell says we're not getting real investigative journalism anymore. He says it's all entertainment now. Aswell's advice to journalists: "There is always one more question to ask." 

John Camp


Blogger and Former CNN Investigative News Chief John Camp visits the studio to discuss his blog. He talks about people's reaction to comments he made on his blog. Camp says a blog isn't a news source, it's more editorial. 

Camp comments on the change in investigative journalism. He says nothing can be done with the current quality of journalism. 

Hour 2

Phil Oakley

Former WBRZ News Director Phil Oakley joins the show to comment about how journalism and shifted since he first go into the business. He is currently living in California. 

Oakley has written two novels, the second will be released in the next few months. His book currently on the market is titled "Telegram."