8/4 Tuesday: The Micronutrient Miracle, Morris Bart Themed Birthday Party, Jerry Lee Lewis Biographer, 2016 Presidential Election, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


Jayson and Mira Calton 

Dr. Jayson Calton is micronutrient specialist.  His wife, Dr. Mira Calton, is nutritionist and also a micronutrient specialist.  The Caltons are considered some of the world's leading experts on weight management, lifestyle medicine and micronutrient deficiency.  They share their latest book The Micronutrient Miracle with Jim.  

George Morris

George Morris

George Morris

George Morris is a writer for The Advocate.  His recent article on Morris Bart earned him over 500,000 hits online.  He shares the story of a toddler from Prairieville who was so fascinated by the personal injury attorney that his family threw him a Morris Bart-themed birthday party.  


Rick Braggs

Rick Bragg is a journalist and writer especially known for his non-fiction books.  He shares his biography about music legend Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Tony Guarisco

Tony Guarisco is a Louisiana attorney.  He discusses the 2016 presidential election and gives commentary on the swiftly approaching Gubernatorial primary for Louisiana.