8/20 Thursday: Mississippi River Delta Restoration Program, More on Elbert Guillory and the N word, President of FAIR, Gubernatorial Q&A, and Remembering Hurricane Katrina


Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran is the Director of the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Program.  Cochran discusses his recent article in The Advocate: Saving Louisiana’s coast is even more urgent after the hurricanes of the past.  Cochran warns that by 2100, Louisiana wetlands will be gone if they keep eroding at their current rate.  

Elbert Guillory

Senator Elbert Guillory returns again today to further discuss his controversial TV spot as he continues on his quest for the Lieutenant Governor's position. 

GUBERNatorial Q&A

According to the latests labor statistics, Louisiana's unemployment rate of 6.4% is tied for the nation's sixth-highest jobless rate.  As governor, what specific programs would you propose to get more people working? The candidates answer in the following order: John Bel Edwards, Jay Dardenne, and Scott Angelle.  David Vitter was also invited to respond, but did not.


Dan Stein

Dan Stein is the President of FAIR: Federation of American Immigration Reform.   

Tika Laudun

Tika Laudun is a senior staff member at Louisiana Public Broadcasting and is responsible for the development of LPB's documentary and educational productions.  She remembers the impact of Hurricane Katrina as the storm's 10th anniversary approaches next week.