8/14 Friday: Nick Bunker, Wife Swap, E. Eric Guirard, The Difference Between Men and Women, Jim Llorens

Hour 1:

Nick Bunker

courtesy of amazon.com

courtesy of amazon.com

British author Nick Bunker chats with Jim about his newest book An Empire on the Edge. 

"Written from a strikingly fresh perspective, this new account of the Boston Tea Party and the origins of the American Revolution shows how a lethal blend of politics, personalities, and economics led to a war that few people welcomed but nobody could prevent." - Amazon

Fritz Peterson


Former Yankees pitcher Fritz Peterson chats with us about his books, Yankees career and his famous wife swap with fellow Yankees pitcher Mike Kekich.  Peterson says he always idolized the Yankees when he was younger. 

Peterson is a left handed pitcher. He never got a World Series. 

Peterson met his wife when Kekich was traded to the Yankees. He said the families were very close. He decided within a 45 minute period, Kekich's current wife Susanne, was the one for him. Susanne and Fritz are still together after 42 years. 

Fritz is a two time survivor of prostate cancer. 

E. Eric Guirard


E. Eric Guirard visits the studio to chat about his new country song "Trouble, Time and Money." Guirard has also been a rapper. He will be releasing a new album soon which will be a mix of country and reggae.  

Hour 2: 

Dr. Susan Edelman


Dr. Susan Edelman discusses her new book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy. She says the difference between men and women is very significant. Edelman says the sexual revolution was a good thing for women. She advises women to remember they have the freedom to choose for themselves.

Edelman attended LSU for undergrad and medical school and is a native of Baton Rouge. 

Jim Llorens


Former Southern University chancellor Jim Llorens joins the conversation to discuss a new Catholic school, Cristo Rey Baton Rouge High School,  to be built at the former site of the old Redemptorist High School. Cristo Rey is a Catholic, college prep school. The school is exclusively for students not as privileged as other and kids work one day a week as part of their education. They'll start out with 9th grade and add one grade per school year.  

Llorens says Cristo Rey will open in August 2016. 

E. Eric Guirard

Lawyer turned country singer E. Eric Guirard comes back in the second hour to continue talking about his upcoming album. Guirard expects his album to come out sometime in November.  He says his lyrics come from true life experiences.