Thursday 7/9: Louisiana Music Hall of Fame Art Wall at BTR, Gubernatorial Q&A on Film Tax Credits, Confederate Flag, Bill Cosby, and Bobby Jindal


Mike Shephard

Mike Shephard is the President of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.  He shares the new Art Wall at the BTR Airport for the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.  

The legislature just passed a bill to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina capitol.  Jim discusses this controversial issue.  

Gubernatorial Q&A

Do you agree with what the legislature did in the last session capping the state's film tax credits at $180 million dollars? As Governor, what changes, if any, would you propose to make to the program? 

David Vitter: 

Jay Dardenne: Dardenne says that though the film tax credits were too generous, they have now been capped too low and should exceed 200 million. 

Scott Angelle: As governor, I'll see to it that each and every tax credit, exemption etc. is evaluated to a cost/benefit comparison. 

John Bel Edwards: The motion picture industry must be capped... in the range of 180 million dollars each year. 


Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is a discrimination attorney who is nationally recognized for taking on high profile cases.  She shares her expertise on the recent evidence against Bill Cosby in which he drugged women with whom he planned to have sexual relations.  "Some of the women blame themselves," she says.  She is representing 16 women who claim Bill Cosby sexually abused them using Quaaludes to have sex with them.

Taylor Huckaby

Taylor Huckaby is a guest commentator for The Advocate and only openly gay staffer for Bobby Jindal.  Huckaby discusses his article that was published yesterday in The Advocate "Once a Jindal Supporter but No More..."