7/30 Thursday: Israel, Lafayette Theater Shooting, Lt. Gov. Candidate John Young, and the LSU Reveille


Mike Wagenheim

Mike Wagenheim is the Assistant Athletic Director of Communications at Nicholls State University.  He is moving to Israel.  Wagenheim shares his reasoning behind the move, stating that his religion, Judaism, is not the sole motivator but rather a desire to pursue a new chapter in his life.  

Barry Weinstein

Rabbi Barry Weinstein has served Temples in Omaha Nebraska and Baton Rouge.  He started serving Temple Shalom in Lafayette, LA in the fall of 2008.  Weinstein shares his reaction to the Lafayette Theater Shooting.  He also discusses the Iran Deal and Mike Huckabee's comments.  

Gubernatorial Q&A

In light of the Lafayette movie theater shooting, as governor would you push for legislation to require background checks at gun shows when firearms are purchased from private individuals?  Also, is there anything that you would push for as governor that could possibly prevent another mass shooting? 

David Vitter: "This certainly highlights the need to focus on mental health issues, which is already addressed in my plan Louisiana Strong...criminal justice reform."
Scott Angelle: "We must be enforcing current laws... ensure we are keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals... not using this tragedy as a reason to restrict a right... or keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens
John Bel Edwards: "47th state in mental health workforce availability... fight to increase access to mental health availability... reinvest in mental health services in Louisiana"
Jay Dardenne: "I have no intentions of pushing legislation on background checks for gun shows... We need assessment and treatment options that will be cost effectives for Louisiana." 

911 Calls from Lafayette Theater Shooting

The 911 calls from the Lafayette Theater Shooting are played.  


John Young

John Young was elected Jefferson Parish President in 2010.  He is now running for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  Today, he shares with Jim his campaign message and what he will do for Louisiana.  "Every part of this state has something unique to offer," Young says, "I think our best days are ahead of us.  We're getting ready to mark 10 years since Hurricane Katrina and we turned that negative into a positive."

Steve Buttry

Steve Buttry is the Director of Student Media at LSU.  LSU student media leaders are considering cutting the Reveille print frequency.  He shares the decline in print media in most universities, even universities with strong journalism programs.