7/27 Monday: Marty Maley for Attorney General, Victims of the Lafayette Theater Shooting and the Death of Bobbi Kristina Brown,


Martin Maley 

Marty Maley is running for Attorney General of Louisiana.  Maley has practiced law for over 24 years.  He joins Jim today to discuss his campaign and share his opinions on gun control given the recent Lafayette theater shooting.  "I don't plan on playing politics with the office," Maley says, "I'm running for Attorney General of Louisiana because I want that job."  @mkmsr1963

Eliakim Thorpe

Eliakim Thorpe is an African American activist and public speaker.  He is the creator of the T.H.R.I.V.I.N.G. Organization: A New Philosophy to Transform Organizations.  Thorpe shares his opinion on murder in American and gun control.  He also comments on the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby and the passing of Whitney Houston's twenty-two year old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. @Eliakim_Thorpe


Michelle McCalope

Michelle McCalope is an award winning journalist for WAFB and an emerging author.  She reports from Lafayette on the funeral of Mayci Breaux, one of the victims of the theater gunman.  @mmccalope

Robert Mann

Bob Mann is the Journalism Chair of the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU.  He discusses the Lafayette theatre shooting and his recent article on gun violence  in Louisiana and the United States entitled; Prayer won't stop guns: The hypocrisy behind the right's refusal to talk about gun violence.  "What's so sad about it is likely a week from now, we'll be talking about another mass shooting somewhere else," Mann says.  He also comments on the upcoming Gubernatorial election in thirteen weeks.  @RTMannJr