7/22 Wednesday: Chattanooga Shooting Victims, Marriage Intimacy Issues, Voting Rights for AfricanAmericans, and State Treasurer John Kennedy,


John Kennedy 

John Kennedy is the Louisiana State Treasurer.  Kennedy comments on the recent agreement regarding the BP oil lawsuit.  Kennedy expresses his concern for the settlement's future.   @JohnKennedyLA @LATreasury

Charles Steele Jr. 

Charles Steele Jr. was the first African American elected to the City Council of Tuscaloosa and one of the first African Americans elected to the Alabama State Senate.  Steele is also the President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.  He was also a friend of the pastor who was killed in the recent Charleston shootings.  He discusses voting rights issues for African Americans and the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag.  He will also comment on the Miss USA pageant.  


Michael Gurian

Michael Gurian is a renowned marriage and family counselor.  He joins Jim today to share his new book Lessons of Lifelong Intimacy.  @MichaelGurian1

Ron Richard

Ron Richard is the former commanding General of marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  He comments on the deaths of the five marines at the Chattanooga Shooting.  Richard also discusses Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and the qualities needed to hold the office.