7/15 Wednesday: Iran Nuclear Talks, Political Speechwriting, The Clintons, Bill Cosby, Bobby Jindal, and Education in Louisiana


Barton Swaim

Barton Swaim is an author.  He shares his latest book The Speechwriter.  The Speechwriter depicts his time working under South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. 

Charles Boustany

Charles W. Boustany Jr., M.D. is a cardiovascular surgeon and was first elected to Congress in 2004.  He represents District 3 of Louisiana.  Boustany comments on the Iran nuclear negotiations.  @RepBoustany


Stephen Carter

Stephen F. Carter is the state representative for District 68 of Louisiana.  He is the chairman of the House education committee.  Carter discusses the future of education in Louisiana.

Michael Medved

Michael Medved is a conservative, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and bestselling author.  He discusses the dynamic between the legacy of Bill Clinton and the presidential race of Hillary Clinton.  Medved gives his opinion on the accusations against Bill Cosby.  He also shares his opinion on Governor Jindal as he runs for president.   @medvedSHOW