7/13 Monday: How to Succeed in Business and Politics Without Really Lying, Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Angelle, Lieutenant General Russel Honore' and the BP Agreement, and the Miss USA Pageant


Christopher Cerf

Christopher Cerf is an Author and President of the educational media production company, Sirius Thinking, LTd., on which he created his award-winning children's show, Between the Lions on PBS.  He shares his latest book with Jim today entitled, How to Succeed in Business and Politics and Everything Else Without Really Lying with Spinglish: The Definitive Dictionary of Deliberately Deceptive Language.    He shares examples from his book, including "collateral damage = bombed citizens." 

Scott Angelle

Scott Angelle is the Louisiana Public Service Commissioner and a Gubernatorial Candidate for the Fall election.  He discusses why he is running for governor, why you should vote for him, and what he will do for Louisiana.  "I believe the state is starving for bipartisan leadership... We don't need a governor that knows everything," Angelle says, "We need a governor that works with everyone."  


Russel Honore'

Lieutenant General Russel Honore' rails against the recent BP settlement.  Honore' says that the lawyers of the BP agreement worked a better deal for themselves than the people affected.  "EXXON and Shell are basically bullies," he says, "Our legislators let them get away with this because of donations to the offices." 

Michelle McCalope

Michelle McCalope is an award-winning journalist and emerging author.  She is currently a journalist at WAFB.  McCalope gives her impressions on the Miss USA Pageant this past weekend.