Wednesday: Nonsmoking Order in New Orleans, Ask Bobby Jindal Tweets, Gubernatorial Q&A, Bobby Jindal and Baton Rouge High, and Justice Retirement Because of Same Sex Marriage Decision


Wade Duty

Wade Duty is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Casino Association.  He comments on how the nonsmoking order in New Orleans has affected Harrah's casino.  

Michelle Southern and Neal Gladner

Michelle Southern is the Assistant News Director of Louisiana Radio Network.  Neal Gladner is the Vice President of Sales for Louisiana Radio Network and Tiger Rag.  They discuss how Governor Jindal's new "Ask Bobby Jindal" via twitter has backfired.  

Gubernatorial Q&A

The Gubernatorial Candidates give their letter grade on Governor Jindal. 

Scott Angelle: First term a B;  Second term a C-

John Bel Edwards: "I believe he deserves an F." 

David Vitter: First term a B+; Second term a C-  

Jay Dardenne: First term a B-; Second term a D


 Tyler Bridges

Tyler Bridges is a Pulitzer award winning journalist.  He shares his story on Governor Jindal's tenor in Baton Rouge High's graduate class of 1988.  Jindal graduated third in his class.  He was voted Most Polite and Most Likely to Succeed.  He was also Captain of the Equations team.  

Patricia Gunter

Patricia Gunter is a Justice of the Peace in Grant Parish.  Rather than perform same sex marriages, Gunter has resigned.  She shares her views and hopes that she may be able to step down quietly since she feels it would be sinful to perform duties as a justice she does not believe in.