Monday: Author of The English Spy, NBC, Donald Trump, and the Miss USA Pageant, Secretary of Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Same Sex Marriage, and WRKF Radio Announcer Lew Carter


Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva is the author of The English Spy

Cliff Zukin

Cliff Zukin is a pollster.  He discusses his article in The New York Times 'What's the Matter With Polling.'  

John Delgado

John Delgado is the Metro City Councilman for District 12 in Baton Rouge.  He joins Jim today to comment on NBC pulling out of the Miss USA pageant, which will not be televised because of Donald Trump's remarks about Hispanics.  Delgado laments Trump's words since Baton Rouge will no longer receive tourism advertisement from the Miss USA pageant.  


Paul Davidson 

Paul Davidson is an Executive Director of Blackbear Conservation Coalition.  


Jim will play a clip from the conference in New Orleans from this past weekend.  Each of the four gubernatorial candidates will make a statement on the same sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court.  

Barry Weinstein

Rabbi Barry Weinstein joins Jim to discuss the same sex marriage decision by the Supreme Court.  Rabbi Weinstein gives his support to the decision and even proclaims he would officiate a same sex wedding "yesterday."

Taylor Caffery

Lew Carter

Lew Carter

Taylor Caffery,  source

Taylor Caffery, source

Taylor Caffery is the Host of Hootenanny Power at WRKF-FM 98.3.  Caffery remembers Radio Announcer Lew Carter who died this past Friday.