Tuesday: The Low Interest in the Governor's Election, Cuba, and the NSA and Online Shopping Habits


Scott Hobbs & Jason Hebert

Scott Hobbs and Jason Hebert are political consultants for The Political Firm.  They join guest host Neal Gladner to discuss the lack of interest from the general public on the Governor's Race.

Gary heathcott 

Gary Heathcott is just back from Cuba.  He will comment on Cuba as it was just taken off the State Department list as state sponsor of terrorism.  Heathcott will share his opinions on how this will impact potential trade and tourism.  


Darren Stevenson

Junior Affiliate Scholar at Stanford Law School‘s Center for Internet & Society Darren Stevenson joins the show to share his insight on Internet privacy and what companies can find out while you shop online.

Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace is an Advocate Columnist.  She will discuss the SMART program, film tax credits, and the close of the Legislative Session.