THURSDAY: Medicaid under Obamacare, Baseball Pitcher Denny McLain, Cigarette Tax, and Hugh Hefner


Senator Ben Nevers from Bogalusa pushes for Governor Jindal to accept Medicaid money under Obamacare.  "Look I'm not crazy about all the things in the Affordable Care Acts, but there are at least 14 Republican governors that are using the money to take care of our citizens."  He also comments on tax credits and oil and natural gas.  "I think anything's fair when it comes to educating our children and providing everyone with healthcare."  

Baseball player Denny McLain comments on changes in the game between his career and contemporary major league baseball.  "These kids are far better protected and get far more attention," McLain says of current major league baseball players, "It's how much money can I pay a guy and get away with." 

He comments on the racism that was in the major leagues when he was a player which still exists today.  

He completed 105 games.  11% of his starts were shut outs.  "The test of a major league starting pitcher is the last three innings." 


State Representative Harold Ritchie from Bogalusa on a potential cigarette tax increase on the existing 36 cents per pack.  He is trying to raise Louisiana's cigarette tax to the national average of $1.54.  The increase of $1.18 would produce $240 million dollars.  He feels an increase in the cigarette tax would cause 35,000 Louisianians to quit smoking.  Ritchie says he will vote for John Bel Edwards for governor.  

Reverend David Diamond comments on the life and legacy of Hugh Hefner on Hefner's 89th birthday.  Hefner wishes to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe when he dies.  

"He might've had a life of glamour here, but I don't think it'll be so glamorous when he's dead," Diamond says. "As wicked as I was when I met the Lord, I didn't want to look at naked women."

"God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve," Diamond says.  "If you want to see someone naked just go to Wal-Mart."