TUESDAY: Billy Martin and Baseball, Louisiana Legislative Session, and Governor Jerry Brown


Author Bill Pennington shares his book about Billy Martin.  "He was a really complex, multifaceted guy," Pennington says.  He describes Martin's upbringing as tough and that "fighting was a way of life." Martin was trained as an amateur boxer.  Pennington remembers Martin's many fights with Jim, citing them as the reason for Martin's trade from the Yankees after 5 World Series wins.   

Billy Martin always said, "Winning is everything." 

Billy died on Christmas Day in 1989 in a car accident. 

Jim remembers Governor Jerry Brown's career as today is Brown's birthday.  He is 77.  He has been reported to be considering about running for president.  

He traveled without an entourage.  

California has the 7th large economy in the world.  


Mark Ballard joins us from The Advocate to comment on the Louisiana Legislative Session which starts on Monday.  

David Vitter is a Rhodes Scholar.  

Ballard says "that is an unmistakable assessment" in response to Jim's assertion that Governor Jindal is courting the religious right vote.  They then comment on the religious freedom bill which mirrors that of Indiana proposed by Mike Johnson.  

He comments on the transgressions of David Vitter and still how he seems to be the front runner to be the next governor.   

Edwin Edwards joins us to comment on David Vitter, Bobby Jindal, and Jerry Brown.  He is now a real estate agent.  Jim asks Edwards what he would do if he were governor.  Edwards replies, "Cry a lot." 

"Contrary to popular opinion, I don't have alot of money.  I'm living off of my retirement," Edwards says as reason for his real estate business.

New Orleans defense attorney Chick Foret discusses the case of Darren Sharper and reports that he will be serving 9 new years in prison.  "It seems to be a light sentence, but they tell me it's not." 

"It's these young ladies (the victims) not wanting to go through a trial," he says.  Darren Sharper is accused of drugging his victims and then raping them.  Foret described Sharper as "respectful, subdued, and subservient."

"If he's going to do the bulk of his time in federal prison, he's going to have a significant portion of his life left to live."

Darren Sharper will be pleading guilty.  "I'm sure eight, ten, a dozen if you counted them all up," Foret says of the amount of victims.  Foret says that Darren Sharper has a sex addiction.  Foret says that if Sharper does intensive treatment, he can get a year off his sentence.