FRIDAY: Homeless Awareness, The Stock Market, and the LA Governor's Election


Author Jennifer Barnes Maggio shares her books with us and her experiences as a homeless single mother.  "If we talk about poverty or abuse or education or crime, all of those things are directly or indirectly related to single mothers."  She continues, "Statistics support that a traditional family home is better... but that's not to say there aren't single mothers who shatter statistics."  Her father was married six times, and "that's not to count all the girlfriends and mistresses." 

Her organization has 1500 single mom support groups.  

Maggio says, "I was a single mom for seven and a half years.  I worked three jobs and went to school full time." 

"I think you can be a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, or have no political opinion at all and be good with God."  Maggio says of what she has learned of her own experiences, "No one moment defines you.  You're not your parents.  You're not what side of the track you were born on."

B. F. Anderson comments on stocks.  "Of the European markets, Germany is really starting to improve." 

"The strength of the U.S. dollar is having an impact on exports," Anderson says.  

If the Iran Deal is signed, oil prices could drop to $30 dollars a barrel.  

"You need to choose things that look like it'll double your money." 


Former Chair of the Democratic Party Buddy Leach comments on recent political events.  

He discusses Governor Jindal's political career in Louisiana.  "In a run off, I do not think that a candidate with Vitter's right wing philosophy will win."  He continues, "This election will not be won by who has the most money."

Leach also discusses why Mary Landrieu lost in the Senate race against Bill Cassidy.  He says, "I don't think the people were ready to vote for a minority governor." 

A listener asks which Leach finds the most palatable of the republican candidates.  He says, "There is no way from the expressed views of Sen. Vitter that I could support him."  He also says, "Jay Dardenne is a fine fellow but I have not seen his leadership skills." 

"I think the national scene has brought about this situation in Louisiana."  Leach thinks that some of the Christian right wing votes will be go to John Bel Edwards.  He does not feel that religion will determine the outcome of the governor's race.

"If we are going to meet the requirements of a state government, we have to have an idea about how we could work a new equitable program out," Leach says of the new budget plans.  

Leach also discusses the outcome of cheaper oil and how this will affect the job market.