FRIDAY: English Professors and Fight Club, LSU's 'Racy', Cuba, Iran, President Obama, and Bruce Jenner


Author Jonathan Gottschall shares his book The Professor in the Cage.  He calls it a "nonfiction version of fight club." They comment on Muhammad Ali and his legend.  "According to fight lore, if your eyes flick away for even a tenth of a second, that meant you were afraid, that you lost." 

"As far back as you can penetrate, whatever culture you go to, you always find that men are responsible for the vast majority of the violence," he says.  

They discuss the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney and the role of body language.  

"Short men are rarely, if ever, elected to be president." 

"It's a fight club, but all of the hits are given in words," Gottschall says of universities. 

They comment on boxing as a sport and its lagging popularity.  

LSU Student and WAFB 9 News Associate Producer Cessali Fournier and Director Bonny McDonald promote LSU's play 'Racy.'  

Fournier says they tried to express through their body ways they have been affected by racism or racist towards others.  

Her cast member, Emily, is white.  She says that she struggled with identifying movement to her "whiteness." 

"We want to engage people and give them a starting point to have a conversation about race," Fournier says.  


Conservative Commentator and Professor Bruce Herschensohn gives his opinion on Cuba, Iran, and President Obama.  

He was an advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.  He is not a fan of President Obama.  

"I think it's probably the greatest invention in modern warfare," he says of drones.  


"I don't trust President Obama because so much of what he has promised, domestic and international, hasn't happened." 

"If there is anyone who's listening who wants to run for office, I have no regrets for running.  It is a terrific education," Herschensohn says.  He narrowly lost a senate election.  

He also speaks on a trip he took with his girlfriend and a married couple to a strip club.  "We had a good time," he says.  The story came out three weeks before his election.  "When you're on the defensive, you lose." 

"We were winning the Vietnam War until congress didn't allow us to send over the supplies we promised... and then Watergate." 

Author and Journalist Leo Honeycutt joins the show to comment on former Olympian Bruce Jenner.  

Honeycutt is the confidant to former Governor Edwin Edwards.  He is returning from an event in which Edwards gave a forty five minute speech.  "He has nothing to lose now, so he's speaking his mind and shooting straight," Honeycutt says of Edwards.  

Honeycutt comments on the Bruce Jenner transition.  He points out Bruce's age and says, "You do have to wonder how much of this is about publicity."