WEDNESDAY: Meditation, Foreign Policy, Sale of Louisiana Lottery, Budget, The Gridiron Show


Author Christina Crook shares her book The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World.  She discusses the nostalgia of hand written letters and comments on the strange and inappropriate places people are on their phones, such as funerals.  

Washington Journalist and Blogger Jim Lobe comments on his recent post about Senator Cotton.  "I do see him as being very consciously promoted by the neo-conservative movement," Lobe says of Cotton, "Cotton is clearly taking as much advantage as he can of the spotlight... he's very ambitious, and quite smart also."  One of Tom Cotton's professors at Harvard was Elizabeth Warren.  

State Treasurer John Kennedy comments on the reports that Governor Jindal will sell the Louisiana Lottery to balance the state budget.  Kennedy says, "The whole treasury is under a lot of pressure.  I wouldn't dangle 400, 500, or 700 million dollars in front of them right now."  He continues, "It'll take more than one legislative session to get out of this mess.  It took us seven years to get into it."  The treasurer confirms that there is irrefutable evidence that talks about selling the Louisiana Lottery are currently in the works.  


Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party Stephen Handwerk discusses the GOP candidates and their strategic distancing from Governor Jindal.  "This governor seems to be conducting his own personal fire auction, and I wish I could say that it's surprising," Handwerk continues, "All he's doing is pailing water out of a sinking ship."  He also comments on Common Core.  He calls Senator David Vitter and Governor Bobby Jindal political "weathervanes."  He adds, "I don't know how anyone can swear an oath to office and then pledge to something like Grover Norquist."  Handwerk says, "Taxes are not popular, but you know what else is not popular?  Potholes!"  There is a report that Louisiana is 3rd in the country for unemployment.  Handwerk calls the three Republican candidates running for governor "minions." 

Lawyer and former Journalist Julie Baxter talks about the upcoming WAFB Gridiron Show.  It is a week from Friday and Saturday at the American Legions Hall.  The tickets are 25$.  The tables are for tables of ten.  "It's all in good humor," Baxter says, "though we have had some people get testy."  

"I think Mike and Alice Foster enjoyed it the most," she says.