FRIDAY: Rita Eichenstein, Maxine Crump, Denise Marcelle, Christmas Abbott, Marcus Losack, Garret Graves

Hour 1

Dr. Rita Eichenstein discusses her book Not What I Expected, and her 20 year clinical experience in Neuropsychological assessment and clinical psychology, she offers in depth assessments of children, teens, and young adults. More information about her book can be found on 

Maxine Crump and Councilwoman Denise Marcelle discuss race relations in Louisiana. Denise asked that Cats CEO Mirabito resign, based on his comment made during interview with Clay Young. Both Maxine and Denise discuss crime in Louisiana and America overall.

Hour 2

Body builder Christmas Abbott talks about her pass growing up, and what changed her life, she also discussed her book, "Bad Ass Body Diet", and her seminars, The Body Review, where she teaches peoples how to eat, and change their lifestyle, instead of dieting. She also gives a great tip for women wanting to workout.

Marcus Losack, an Irish priest and writer, discusses St. Patrick's day and the myth behind St. Patrick.

6th District Congressman Garret Graves discusses issues in his district, his visit to Louisiana, Capital Hill, and former Governor Edwin Edwards.