FRIDAY: Scott Stossel, Cliff Vannoy, Matthew Patterson, Leo Honeycutt and George Sells


Author and editor for The Atlantic Scott Stossel discusses his book "My Age of Anxiety."  He opens the discussion explaining what exactly constitutes an anxiety disorder.  

Stossel has a phobia of cheese.  "More people would rather be the copses at a funeral than the eulogist," Stossel says.  

Stossel says that his fear of cheese, turophobia, began when he was five years old and his sister ate a piece of cheese from an airport floor, consequently becoming ill for several days.  He goes on to describe an event in which his Irritable Bowel Disorder "IBD" caused "explosive plumbing" at an ill timed moment.  

President of the LSU Alumni Association Cliff Vannoy explains that the LSU Alumni Association is organizing a lobbying effort to protect LSU campuses from significant budget cuts. LSU Alumni Association President Cliff Vannoy says they are seeking volunteers that will be part of a group called Tiger Advocates, who will have lawmakers’ attention as they craft the budget.

Vannoy agrees with Jim's assessment that "essentially LSU is turning into a private university," by default of budget cuts.  If the cuts are made, LSU will lose 1,500 course options.  

If you want to be a Tiger Advocate, go to the LSU Alumni website. Vannoy says volunteer advocates will be kept up to date on key legislation that will impact higher education and they’ll have a chance to make their voices heard.

"The only way you're going to stop cuts is if you can find the cash to recover them," Vannoy says, though he is vague about the final goal of Tiger Advocates.  

Today we remember Ronald Reagan on his would be 104th birthday.  


Matthew Patterson from Equality Louisiana comments on Olympic gold medalist and television star Bruce Jenner's gender change.  He is joined by Dr. Dana L. Rofey, a psychiatrist and professor from the University of Pittsburgh.  

Dr. Rofey explains the difference between a transgender and a transexual is a common misconception.  She says that "unequivocable positive regard" is what is needed for someone contemplating coming out as a transgender.   

1 in 12,000 males and 1 in 34,000 females undergo sexual change.

They discuss Nicholas Kristof's article in The New York Times.  

"I never thought I would say something nice about the Kardashian/Jenner clan," Patterson says, praising their positive reactions to Jenner's potential gender change.  

He describes the discrimination against transpeople as "pervasive." Patterson continues, "Transgender people are twice as likely to be homeless."  

The only transsexual judge in the United States is a graduate of LSU. 

Author of Edwin Edwards, Governor of Louisiana: An Authorized Biography Leo Honeycutt and FOX 2 Reporter George Sells discuss NBC anchor Brian Williams and his lies about taking fire in Iraq and his experiences in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.   

Both agree that Brian Williams will survive this lie though Williams will most likely be victimized by social media attacks.  Jim jokes if Williams should or will be replaced by Dan Rather.  "I don't know of a man more hated for the wrong reasons," George Sells says of Dan Rather.