12/31 Thursday: Drunk Driving on New Year's Eve, The Beatles, Top Stories of 2015, Mississippi River Flooding, Jay Ducote

Hour 1: 

Melissa Matey

Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey joins guest host Neal Gladner to talk about New Year's Eve safety and drinking and driving. Matey discusses drunk driving statistics and getting a safe ride home. DUI arrests are down 18% in Baton Rouge since Uber started. 

Stephanie Riegel 

Editor of the Baton Rouge Business Report Stephanie Riegel chats with Neal about business and politics of 2015 and what's in store for next year. Riegel says the biggest story of 2015 was the election of John Bel Edwards as governor of Louisiana. She says we were too busy with politics to realize the huge drop on oil prices. 

Hour 2:

Jeff Graschel

Service Coordination Hydrologist with the National Weather Service Jeff Graschel talks with Neal about the flooding of the Mississippi River and projects how long it will take for the flooding to reach Louisiana and the impact it will have. 

Ricky Boyett

Chief of Public Affairs with the Army Corp of Engineers in New Orleans Ricky Boyett joins the show to talk about the flooding of the Mississippi River. He discusses possibly opening the Bonnet Carre Spillway for the first time since 2011. 

Nancy Malone

Region Public Affairs Director of the American Red Cross in Louisiana Nancy Malone discusses flood preparations in the state with Neal.  

Jay Ducote

Louisiana Chef Jay Ducote chats with Neal about New Year's day meal traditions and how to prepare them.