12/03 Thursday: Lamar White, Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez, Gus Weill

Hour 1:

Lamar White

Blogger Lamar White, Jr. joins Jim in studio to talk about the resiliency of Donald Trump and the controversy over Trump allegedly ridiculing a handicapped reporter. White comments on the recent mass shootings across the United States. 

Hour 2:

Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez

Editor of the Daily Reveille Fernanda Zamudio-Suarez joins the show to discuss the Reggie's Bar dress code issue. She comments on an article in the Reveille about the bar and how the dress code targets a certain race. Zamudio-Suarez mentions the Confederate flag inside Reggie's, as well as, the bar's entrance hand stamp controversy. 

Zamudio-Suarez discusses the lack of minorities in Greek life at LSU. She is retiring from the position of editor. 

Gus Weill

Political Consultant Gus Weill joins the show to comment on the San Bernardino mass shooting. He discusses the recent terror attacks and how we can keep our cities safe from these attacks.