12/29 Tuesday: Ed Sanders, Alan Risher, Louis Koerner, Jr., Laurie Shrage


ed sanders.jpg

Countercultural icon, he co-founded the raunchy, avant-garde rock band The Fugs and was instrumental in the Youth International Party — commonly called the Yippies. Ed Sanders is also the author of "The Family" about the killing of Sharon Tate, orchestrated by Charles Manson.

Alan Risher was QB for the USFL Arizona Wranglers, and later an NFL QB for the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A graduate of LSU, Risher talks with Jim about the Texas Bowl and his predictions for who'll win.



"Mr. Louis" Koerner, Jr. has over forty years experience practicing complex litigation in Louisiana. A native New Orleanian, Mr. Louis moved briefly to Houma following Hurricane Katrina while his law office underwent repair, and now operates law offices in both cities.


Laurie Shrage is an American political and moral philosopher whose analysis of the agendas for social change advanced by gender and sexual dissidents has been influential.