12/14 Monday: Upcoming Senate Race, 2016 Presidential Politics, Crime Victims Reparations Payment, Christmas Gifts, and Bobby Jindal


Jason Hebert

Jason Hebert is a partner in The Political Firm, which he co-founded after managing the Bush-Cheney ‘04 Campaign in Louisiana and Colorado, winning key victories in both states.  The former state Republican Party Executive Director has undertaken over 350 campaigns in the last 19 years.  He discusses the upcoming senate race and the politics surrounding the presidential campaigns.  

Bob Wertz

Bob Wertz is a Law Enforcement Training Manger for the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.  He comments on the reason behind the budget cuts to the Crime Victims Reparations payment.  


Leonce Chavis

Leonce Chavis is the regional sales manager for AT&T.  Chavis shares information on various cell phones, smart phones and other gadgets for Christmas gifts as the holiday season quickly approaches.  

Stephanie Grace

Stephanie Grace is a columnist for The Advocate.  She comments on Bobby Jindal's appearance at the press club and 'his legacy'.